Perhaps you’ve considered purchasing a set of winter tyres, having a seasonal swap done on your car, and hoping to have a more secure driving experience each winter.

And maybe you’ve held off each time and, before you knew it, winter had moved on into spring and there was no pressing need for the tyres.

But this year you want to be prepared! So, here are some advantages to swapping to winter tyres this season.

Better Grip, Greater Control, and Great Deal More Confidence Behind the Wheel

Most of the United Kingdom experiences relatively little snow and, in fact, rain is more the norm in the winter months. One of the common misconceptions regarding winter tyres is that they are designed just for driving in the snow.

But as Autocar tells it,

“The truth is, winter tyres are not only designed for snow and ice. They are also grippier and therefore safer than summer tyres in all weather conditions – even in the dry – so long as the ambient temperature is lower than 7deg Celsius.”

Winter tyres are not to be confused with ice tyres, or even snow tyres. These are specialty tyres that usually have some type of metal studs coming out of the tread. Winter tyres, on the other hand, are specifically designed to be used in low temperatures, generally below 7°C, and when the roads are slippery.

In fact, they will provide more grip and traction even on a dry road surfaces when the temperatures are below 7° and are also far better at pushing through standing water than summer tyres. That’s because the tread patterns on winter tyres have many more grooves, or sipes, cut into them, which serve to displace water as well as help the tyres bite into snow and ice.

Winter Tyres – Made for Winter

In addition, winter car tyres are made using a rubber compound that contains more silica than summer tyres. This creates a tyre that stays relatively soft and pliable in freezing temperatures, which provides the needed grip and traction on the road surface.

Lastly, the rubber blocks are designed to vibrate when in motion. Also known as tread blocks, these chunks of rubber that protrude from the surface of the tyre the parts that actually touches the road. When they vibrate, it shakes out any snow and ice they might have picked up.

And, with a set of quality winter tyres fitted to your car, you can feel far more confident whilst driving through inclement, winter weather.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Winter Tyres

When should I change to winter tyres?

Traditionally in the UK, drivers swap to winter tyres once the temperature begin to be consistently below 7° Celsius. Given that our winter is often it’s wise to keep your summer tyres readily to hand and mounted on wheels, so that, if need be, you can switch between them when necessary.

How much do winter tyres cost?

Like all tyres, the price of winter tyres varies quite a bit and is largely determined by the size and the brand. However, prices tend to be more or less the same for winter tyres as for a set of summer tyres.

How long do winter tyres last?

As long as you only drive on your winter tyres during the winter, you can expect to get the same number of miles out of a set as you would from summer tyres. While it is certainly possible to do so, driving on winter tyres in summer is not recommended and your winter tyres will wear out much sooner if you use them in warmer weather.

Expert Tyres for Professional – and Mobile – Seasonal Tyre Swaps

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The Advantages of Swapping to Winter Tyres This Year