Summer & Winter Tyre


Summer & Winter Tyre

At Expert Tyres, we can perform summer or winter tyre swaps for your vehicle.

We regularly check our prices against our competition and aim to give you the best quality tyres at the best price.

Call us today and let us know what you need and when you need it and see if we can beat your best price quote.


Why a Seasonal Tyre Swap?

While it is not a requirement in the UK as it is in many European countries, driving on winter tyres can dramatically increase your winter driving safety and reduce the likelihood of a tyre-related accident. Unlike snow tires, which are not necessarily needed in England, modern winter tyres are designed especially for maintaining traction on wet and icy road surfaces. The advanced tread pattern design combined with specialised rubber compound technology creates a tyre that provides higher levels of traction and road safety on damp, wet, and cold surfaces.

Designed for the average driver, winter tyres have moderate tread depths and their rubber compounds are engineered to provide longer tread life than summer tyres, which have shallower tread depths. In addition, when temperature drops below 7°C, the tread rubber of summer tyres tends to harden and can eventually freeze. The unfortunate result is that these tyres are much less reliable on the damp and cold road surface and are unable to provide sufficient grip levels.

Driving with Cold Weather Tyres for Increased Winter Road Safety

Early November through late March is when winter tyres are typically recommended. However, since winter tyres perform best when temperatures are at or below 7° Celsius, it is possible to make use of them as long as October through April. Most car owners choose to swap tyres in October or November, since this is typically the start of damp and wet road conditions in the UK. The advanced technology built into winter tyres means that they will perform significantly better than ‘summer’ tyres and provide for increased traction on cold or damp road surfaces.

Because winter tyres are designed to work most efficiently at temperatures below 7° Celsius, it is highly recommended that you swap your tyres to winter tyres and have them fitted during October. Once the weather begins to warm, your winter tyres should be swapped out during late March or early April.

The Benefits of Winter Tyres

Car owners in the Sheffield area can certainly get by most winters with the same tyres they use throughout the rest of the year. However, at Expert Tyres, we are keenly aware of the increased risks of road accidents due to inclement weather and vehicle tyres that are not designed for cold and damp road surfaces. By getting regular seasonal tyre swaps each year, you will not only improve your winter driving experience, but you will be able to take advantage of a number of great benefits including:

⦁ Reduced braking distances
Because of the compromised road conditions in winter, the braking distance is substantially farther on damp and wet roads. Winter tyres can significantly reduce that distance.

⦁ Increased traction and driving control
Driving in winter conditions can be nerve-wracking! However, a seasonal tyre swap can alleviate your anxiety when driving on icy or wet surfaces.

⦁ Decreased Likelihood of accidents
Lincolnshire was shown to have the second highest number of wintry accidents between 2016 and 2020, for example, with 284 in ice recorded. And the Department for Transport’s Road Traffic Statistics reveals that one road accident happens every hour in snow, ice, and floods.

For Expert Seasonal Tyre Swaps Where You Are, Call Expert Tyres

In addition to seasonal tyre swaps, we also specialise in mobile new tyre installation as well as tyre puncture repair service. Because we are a mobile tyre service, we’re able to meet you where you are – whether that’s at your home or your place of work. Expert Tyres can come to your location to perform summer or winter tyre swaps for your vehicle. Expert Tyres services surrounding Sheffield area including Rotherham and Chesterfield areas. We regularly check our prices against our competitors and our aim is to always provide our customers with the best quality tyre service at the best price.


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