Many people think of snow and ice when they think of winter tyres.

And, the truth is, the region in and around Sheffield there is occasionally snow during the winter, but there have been several recent winters have been snow-free. However, it certainly rains quite a bit in Sheffield and the surrounding region.

On the coldest nights of the year, the temperature can often drop to around -3°C. Yet, even in the coldest month of the year here, January, rarely gives us daytime temperatures below 1°C, which means little or no ice.

However, Sheffield has been noted as a city with significant rainfall and even in the driest month there is a great deal of rain. December is the wettest month with 89 mm of precipitation. And it is often a cold rain.

And this is exactly the type of weather that winter tyres are designed for.

How Winter Tyres Outperform Summer Tyres in Winter Weather

It is important to keep in mind that the most crucial factor regarding seasonal tyre performance is temperature. And that would be both the ambient temperature – or air temperature – and the road surface temperature.

In fact, road surface temperature, known as RST, is a critical measurement for road gritters when determining the need to grit road surfaces. During the day, sunlight provides sufficient radiation to keep both road surfaces and the surrounding air warmer than at night.

But, as the Met Office notes,

“At night, without incoming radiation, roads lose heat quicker than the air. In winter, this often means RSTs fall to a lower minimum temperature than the air and do so more quickly. This is why you can get a frost on the roads, grass and cars, even if the air temperature is above freezing.”

One of the performance advantages that winter tyres have over the summer counterparts is how the tyre rubber compound reacts to the cold road surface temperatures in winter.

Summer tyres, for example, have a relatively hard compound which softens in warmer temperatures to adapt to dry as well as wet roads. Summer tyres also have fewer sipes than winter tyres. These are small slit in the tire’s tread block that create additional tread surface area for increased grip in wet conditions. However, summer tyres do have specially designed tread bars to minimise aquaplaning.

Winter tyres, on the other hand, have a higher natural rubber content which makes for a softer compound.

As Uniroyal Tyres explains,

“The interplay between the tyres’ rubber compound and the road changes as temperatures rise. This affects the tyres’ grip. Summer tyres harden below +7 degrees C while winter tyres’ specially developed compound guarantees flexibility, even below +7 degrees C.”

People Lie, But Statistics Do Not: Winter Road Safety in the UK

An article recently noted that Admiral Car Insurance had data showing that more severe road traffic accidents were happening in winter. This was attributed to motorists not being prepared for winter weather driving, as well as ignoring weather warnings.

“The months of November, December and January have been reported to have the highest volume of car insurance claims over the year according to Admiral, this is naturally due to the changing weather and road conditions during the winter months.”

Another firm shared these sobering statistics recently:

  • On average more than 20 percent of all road accidents occur on icy or wet roads. This can differ from city to city as this figure is as high as 30 percent in Manchester for example.
  • You are approximately 20 percent more likely to be involved in an accident during wintry conditions.

And an analysis of Department for Transport and Office for National Statistics data found that , on average, 21 percent of all crashes in the UK in the months of December to March are linked to treacherous winter conditions.

A Dubious Claim to Fame…

Oh, and that Manchester and Sheffield both had a high percentage of crashes relative to all cities in the UK.

Research shows that UK drivers are six times more likely to have an accident in the winter than in the summer. The good news is that fitting winter tyres can significantly reduce the risk of being in an accident this winter.

So, to sum it all up, the main reasons why winter tyres are really needed are:

  • Winter tyres grip cold roads, regardless of whether they’re wet, dry, snowy, or icy.
  • Snow grips snow. In compact snow, the tread grooves of winter tyres fill with snow which grips the snow on the road.
  • Specially designed treads disperse more water, helping reduce aquaplaning and improving handling.
  • At colder temperatures, braking distances are improved. When driving at 62mph on winter tyres in temperatures of 7ᵒC and braking on a wet road, a car will stop 4.8 metres sooner than with summer tyres.

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Are Winter Tyres Really Needed In The UK?