The DIY, or “Do It Yourself”, movement in the UK has deep roots that go back to the 1950s and 60s and beyond.

In fact, according to an article at the Science Museum website,

“Long before the 20th-century DIY movement, there was a long-held interest in practical work which could happen in the home, not the workplace.”

Take for example, old Joseph Moxon’s book Mechanick Exercises, a precursor of all modern DIY manuals. This guide was published between 1683 and 1685 and described how to be a blacksmith, among other skills, including how to cast metal, draw, engrave, print books, make maps and even mathematical instruments.

Fitting Tyres as a DIY Task?

However, while there many things that we may feel emboldened to put our hand to, fitting new tyres on our vehicles may not be one of them.

As Continental Tyres notes,

“Objectively speaking, you could attempt to do this yourself. In addition to your new tyres, the tools required would be a tyre iron, a car jack, jack stands, a tyre spreader, and a tyre inflator. But even if you do have the proper tools and equipment at hand, it will take you far longer to fit new tyres than it would a professional. Just removing a single tyre from a wheel can be a challenge.”

And anyone who has to simply change a flat tyre can attest to the fact that wrestling with tyres and wheels is difficult, awkward, and often challenging for most car owners.

Which is why the folks at Expert Tyres specialise in mobile tyre fitting.

When It’s Time for Tyre Fitting Forget DIY

We can probably safely assume that most car owners in and around the Sheffield area are not outfitted for removing old tyres and fitting new ones.

In fact, many of us would probably be hard pressed to know where to start. (And what is a tyre spreader, anyway!)

Another consideration when it’s time for tyre fitting and properly fitted tyres is balancing the tyres and wheels.

As Michelin UK explains,

“Often, when tyres are fitted, there is a slight imbalance in the tyre or in the wheel and these effects can actually combine to amplify the dynamic imbalance. Therefore, dynamic balancing should be carried out systematically whenever tyres are replaced or refitted. Balancing is associated with mounting. It is systematically carried out by the professional when he or she carries out the tyre fitting for you.”

All of which simply means that when we need tyres fitted, we go to a professional whether that’s our favorite mechanic or a local tyre shop or a garage near us.

This can be a major disruption in our day not to mention an inconvenience. Unlike Costa Coffee or Greggs, there aren’t tyre shops on every other corner. Finding one near you and then taking the time off from work can be a bother. If you’re a stay-at-home mum with little ones, it can be worse.

And spending an hour or so in a dingy lobby that reeks of tyre rubber, listening to pneumatic tools and loud noises while trying to distract yourself on your mobile, is not the picture of a pleasant afternoon.

The good news is that, although you should definitely use the services of a professional tyre fitting company for your new tyres, or for your seasonal tyre swap, you don’t have to go somewhere to have that done.

Fortunately for those who need tyre fitting but find it difficult to get away long enough to make the trip to a tyre shop, there is a mobile tyre service that can come to you instead.

Expert Tyres: Your Local Mobile Professional Tyre Service Provider

As we’ve pointed out here, there are many things that most car owners can do for themselves on their vehicles. However, when it comes to fitting new tyres or most other tyre services, that’s best left in the hands of the experts. Which is what you get with Expert Tyres, your local mobile tyre service.

And being a mobile service is a wonderful thing for you since we come to you and at your convenience.

We also understand that fitting correct tyres on your vehicle and in the proper manner is of the utmost importance. And Expert Tyres can be there in a jiffy when you need new tyres, a seasonal tyre swap, or urgently need to have us take care of a tyre puncture repair.

When it’s time for tyre fitting – and any other tyre service need – just ring us or go to our home page and let us know what we can do for you.

At Expert Tyres, we specialise in making tyre service convenient so for you. For example, you can choose your new tyres and schedule a day and time for the fitting directly on our website.

When You Need Quick and Reliable Tyre Fitting for Your Vehicle

Expert Tyres is proud to serve the surrounding Sheffield region including Chesterfield and  Rotherham. You can have all your tyre services carried out by our mobile Expert Tyre specialists and we regularly check our prices against our competitors.

Our expert tyre services include regular seasonal tyre swaps, mobile new tyre installation, and our convenient mobile tyre puncture repair service. Being a mobile tyre service means that we are able to meet you where you are– whether that’s at your home or your place of work.

Our mission is to always provide our customers with the best quality tyre service at the best price.

Expert Tyres is mobile which means having your tyres at your convenience!

When It’s Time For Tyre Fitting For Your Car