If you’ve driven vehicles for any length of time you are probably keenly aware of the fact that not every vehicle tyre is the same. In fact, not every vehicle can use the same tyres as other vehicles. Which is why fitting correct tyres on your vehicle is essential.

When it comes to large lorries and other commercial or industrial-type vehicles, this is fairly easy to see for yourself. But when we’re talking strictly about cars it can be a bit bewildering to consider all the combinations of tyre sizes and types available. 

And fitting correct tyres on your vehicle and the proper type of tyre is important for several reasons.

Fuel Mileage Matters and Tyres Can Make a Difference

Choosing to fit your car with larger tyres can mean higher petrol use. 

It’s a fact that larger tyres will decrease fuel economy because they are heavier, while smaller tyres can increase fuel efficiency for the opposite reason. Also, those bigger tyres have a higher rolling resistance than smaller tyres and that means they incur more resistance and require more effort to get them rolling.

In addition, running with tyres that have an increased width can impact fuel economy as well. Wider tyres create a larger contact patch – that part of the tyre that touches the road.

Fitting Correct Tyres on Your Vehicle Improves Performance

Also, it’s been noted by mechanics that when the diameter of a tyre is increased, it interferes with the gear ratio of the car’s transmission. Others insist that wider or taller tyres can negatively impact the over handling of a vehicle, as well as putting more strain on your brakes to slow down your car.

And then there’s the difference between the traditional, fossil fuel powered vehicles and the newer generation of hybrid and fully-electric vehicles.

In other words, fitting correct tyres on your vehicle matters.

Looks Can Be Deceiving – Hybrids and Pure-Electric Cars are a Heavy Topic

According to one industry source, it was estimated that around two percent of all cars in the UK were electric or hybrid as of December 2021.

But that number is growing rapidly.

As another source has reported,

“The number of battery electric vehicles (EVs) sold in the UK is likely to double in 2022, potentially taking a 15 per cent share of the total new car market by the end of the year, analysts have predicted.”

And when it comes to their tyres, it matters what type you fit them with. Why is that? Because tyres for hybrid and pure electric vehicles are often specialty tyres that are different in a couple of ways.


Typically, hybrid and electric car tyres are manufactured to produce a reduction in noise. This is largely because, with the lack of any engine noise, standard tyres can be quite noisy, something most of us never notice because our engine noise masks it. 

Tyre producers can accomplish this in several ways, the most common approach being a foam inlay set within the tyre, along with additional rubber.


Perhaps the most obvious difference with all-electric and hybrid vehicle tyres is their weight. This is because they are heavier than traditional tyres, which is necessary for them to support the additional weight of electric and hybrid. And that extra weight is due to the massive battery these vehicles have inside.

How heavy are they?

Well, when you consider that an average traditional car battery weighs about 18kg, and the average electric car battery weighs more than 450kg, it becomes quite apparent. Having an additional 440-plus kgs can place a dangerous load on standard car tyres, which is why electric vehicle tyres are constructed in a heavier manner to provide the support needed for the vehicle weight. Essentially, whether you drive an EV or a classic Rolls, fitting correct tyres on your vehicle is essential.

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Why Fitting Correct Tyres On Your Vehicle Is Essential